Monday, May 13, 2019

  • Are you looking for the best SEO group buy for 2019?
  • Are you needing premium SEO group buy tools, such as Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMrush, SpyFu, and many more?
  • Do you want the cheapest SEO group buy?
  • Are you tired of searching the internet for what SEO group buy toolsyou should get?
If any one of these sound like you, then I have the best SEO group buy for you.
Much like yourself, I was searching the internet endlessly trying to find out what SEO group buy was the best value for money, and it also had to have the SEO tools that I needed, plus it had to be updated for 2019.
A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about an Ahrefs Group Buy, and I had some really good response from it, so I decided to write a much more in-depth article for anyone in search of the best SEO group buy, that also comes with the best SEO tools for you.

SEO Group Buy - Table of Contents:

1. What’s best SEO group buy for 2019?
2. What’s the price of the best SEO group buy?
3. Are the SEO group buy tools a one-time payment or a monthly subscription?
4. How do you pay for your SEO group buy?
5. How’s the SEO group buy customer service?
6. Do you need a MAC or PC to use the group buy SEO tools?
7. How do you access the group buy SEO tools?
8. Are there updates to the SEO group buy?
9. Which group buy SEO tools should I get?
10. What are the Pros and Cons of an SEO group buy?

What’s best SEO group buy?

I’ll cut straight to the point for you, you can click on the link below and it will take you to the best SEO group buy.

Click here to get the best SEO group buy

The reason I feel this is the best SEO group buy is for many reasons:
  • It’s the cheapest
  • You can get the best SEO tools
  • The customer service is amazing
  • They are always updating the website and services regularly for a better user experience for 2019

What’s the price of the best SEO group buy?

Every price you see here is in USD$.
The price of this SEO group buy starts at an amazingly low price of only $10/month.
Now, what’s amazing is that you can get some of the best SEO Tools for that price, such as:
  • Ahrefs
  • Majestic
  • SEMrush

When I was searching for an SEO group buy, I found many other SEO group buy websites would make you buy the much more expensive package, in order for you to access these tools (SEMrush, Ahrefs, Majestic).
But let’s say you wanted all three of these tools, you’ll only pay $15/month for these three premium group buy SEO tools.

Click here to get the best SEO group buy

Now I don't know about you, but that’s such an amazing deal!
That’s the one I subscribed to when I first joined and you can see that in the photo below.
group buy seo tools Back Office
Now depending on your needs and what SEO Tools you are looking for with your group buy, the price can either be a $25/m, which will add a pretty big list of tools, or you can also get the complete package for $70/m.
I’ve included a photo of the pricing below to have a look for yourself, and see which SEO group buy package suits you best.
group buy seo tools Pricing Plans

Click here to get the best SEO group buy

Are the SEO group buy tools a one-time payment or a monthly subscription?

By default, when you sign up for your membership, the SEO group buy tools are on a monthly subscription.
However, it’s super easy to contact them and cancel your recurring payment at any time, just make sure to give them a few days in advance for your cancellation.
If you paid by PayPal, you will need to go into PayPal and cancel the recurring payment from within PayPal.

All subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time if they want. But they will not eligible to ask for refund if there is no issue from our side. Normally we solve all the issues related to payments , accounts, tools within 24 to 72 hours max ETA.
  1. If “Recurring payment” is activated in Paypal then first they need to cancel recurring payment from their Paypal account, so from the next month, their payment will not be detected.
  2. If “Recurring payment” is activated in Credit Card (Bluesnap) then client have to ask us to cancel recurring payment before 48 hours (When the next payment is about to due) so we will cancel their recurring subscription for the next month, their payment will not be detected.

How do you pay for your SEO group buy?

It’s super easy to pay for your group buy SEO tools.
You can either log into your PayPal account and pay, or you can use a credit card through PayPal as well, even if you do not have a PayPal account.

How’s the SEO group buy customer service?

You’ll notice on the home page , that there is a live chat feature over on the side.
This is great, because whenever you have a question, you are able to hop online and chat with someone during their regular office hours.
If by chance they are not available to chat with you live, you are still able to submit a support ticket and with 24-72hours, you can expect a response to your ticket.
This SEO Group Buy customer service is amazing!
I've used it before I was a member, and I continue to use it, while still a member with them.
They are really great and are very prompt to get back to you.

Do you need a MAC or a PC to use the group buy SEO tools?

You can have either Mac or a PC to access all of your Group Buy SEO Tools.
I have an old 2012 MacBook Pro and I have no issues with accessing the SEO tools that I need.

How do you access the group buy SEO tools?

Keep in mind I only know how to access the group buy SEO tools with a Mac, but I’m sure it’s not much different with a PC.
As I said, you can always ask customer service any questions you may have.
There are two ways that you can access your group buy SEO tools.
The first way is through the Google Chrome browser.
To setup your browser, you will have full instructions for this in the back office of your SEO group buy.
Whenever you need to use a couple of tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Majesticor a few more, you can easily access these through your Chrome browser.
Check out the photo below to see the group buy SEO Tools you can access through Chrome.
The second way to access your group buy SEO tools is through the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.
This is essentially a virtual machine that will be running Windows and you can access your SEO Group Buy Tools through there.
The reason for this is because only a few of the Group Buy SEO Tools can be accessed through the Chrome browser and the rest of the SEO toolshave to be accessed through the remote desktop.
If you have a Mac, you can easily download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store.
You then follow the instructions given to you by on how to log in and you will be able to access all the Best SEO Group Buy Tools.

Are there updates to the SEO group buy?

One thing that you’ll really like, is that the team is always updating things with the website and how you access your tools.
When I first joined a few months ago, I could only access my group buy SEO tools through the Microsofto remote desktop app.
This was just a bit of a pain because I have an old 2012 MacBook Pro and it doesn’t take too much to slow it down.
So running the Microsoft app and a few others at the same time, made for a slow go sometimes.
Now I am able to access the best SEO group buy tools, right from my Chrome browser.
It’s super easy and convenient and also saves you time.
It’s nice to know that the team is always trying to make your experience better.
It shows that they look out for the customer before themselves.

Which group buy SEO tools should I get?

This is such a personal choice and it really depends on your needs.
For me, when I first signed up, I got the SEO group buy that gave me Ahrefs, Majestic, and SEMrush for $15/m.
After using them for a few months, I realized that I really enjoyed SEMrush and that I needed my own SEMrush account.
So I purchased the full thing myself for $99/m.
You can check out SEMrush here

I also noticed that out of my 3 SEO tools, I didn’t use Majestic as much as I thought I would.
So afterwards, I just went with my Ahrefs Group Buy for $10/m.
I really like the Ahrefs keyword tool, and I actually prefer it over the SEMrush keyword tool.
So maybe you can see why It’s so hard to say which group buy SEO toolsyou should get, because it really depends on you and what kind of work you're doing in 2019.
All I can say is that, this is the best SEO group buy that is out there, and I have been a very happy customer with them and I'm sure you will too.

What are the Pros and Cons of an SEO group buy?

I'm going to lay out what I liked and what I didn’t like about getting an SEO Group Buy.
Keep in mind that the cons are not that bad, but I wanted to let you know what to expect when using your group buy SEO tools.
The Cons of an SEO group buy:
  • The accounts are shared between everyone and this can be a pain in the butt.
In SEMrush, you’re only allowed so many projects. So sometimes you have to delete a project to add your own.
In rare cases, I’ve been adding my project and while I was working on it, someone else had deleted my project, and everything was gone.
If you have set up an SEMrush project, you know what I mean.
Even though it only happened to me twice, I just wanted you to be aware of what can happen.
Also, since the accounts are shared, you can’t add a full project to tools like SEMrush because your project will most likely get deleted.
In my agency, I needed to be able to track everything for my client’s progress over the course of a few months.
Hence, why I eventually got my own SEMrush account.
  • Sometimes the SEO group buy tools can be a little buggy when using through your Chrome browser on your Mac.
When I was using the Ahrefs keyword tool, it wouldn’t allow me to click certain items for some reason.
This happened only a couple of times.
Another time when I was using SEMrush, I wasn’t able to add projects.
To overcome these issues, what I would do is load up the Microsoft remote desktop and all the group buy SEO tools would function properly.
The Pros of an SEO group buy:
  • You get to try premium SEO tools at a fraction of the normal price.
We all know SEO tools are not cheap.
Heck! I’m paying $99/m for SEMrush.
But I was able to use SEMrush and the other tools like Ahrefs, Majestic and Moz for a while to really know what I liked better.
Turns out they are all great tools but my personal preference was SEMrush.
You may even find that the tools you thought you needed, you actually don’t.
I like Majestic and when I was just starting out, I felt like I needed it, but between having my own SEMrush account and my Ahrefs Group Buyaccount, I have more than enough to do what I need.
Majestic actually was just more work for me to do.
It's not like its a bad SEO tool or anything, I just had everything I needed from two of the SEO tools.
Signing up for an SEO group buy will help you decide which tools you really need and which ones you don’t.
  • An SEO Group Buy is super easy to sign up for and to cancel as well.
When I first heard about group buy SEO tools, I thought it was dodgy and also very complicated.
But it turns out that it's actually super easy for both Mac and PC users.
Who knew it was going to be as easy as opening up my browser and access the premium SEO tools I needed.
Plus, you don’t have to worry about any long-term commitments and you can cancel at anytime.

SEO Group Buy Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article about the best SEO group buy tools.
I remember when I was looking for a reputable company, it felt like it was taking forever.
You didn’t know who to trust, or you didn’t want to pay outrageous prices for some group buy SEO tools.
I don’t know about you, but I know I was tired of reading post after post, and looking through all the Quara questions and answers.
So after being so satisfied with this SEO group buy company, I knew there was a need for an article like this, that would help people decide what they wanted or needed.
Hopefully this post helped you, it took forever to write it for you and I've updated it for 2019. Anyone who purchases SEMrush or an SEO group buythrough my affiliate links, let me thank you before hand, and tell you it is much appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed the article.
Let me know what you think in the comments below or upvote the article as well.
Thanks again for reading my best SEO group buy tools article, and I hope that it